my mountain land

Thank you for visiting our site. We offer some of the most scenic views available in the southeast. And we do it cheaper than anyone else. We are not a big corporation but actually a Father and Son-in-Law trying to provide tracts at  reasonable prices.   We have mostly 10 acre tracts with nice views and some with creeks and streams. We underprice our competitors because we do the work ourselves and our costs are lower. This savings is immediately passed on to you.

We have over 48 years combined experience working with land. We walk the land and develop plans to divide the property allowing for best usage. We don’t just draw lines on paper; we work it. On top of all that, we have good owner financing. We invite you to navigate this site. There are many new photos and some new properties added.  If you see anything you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We pride ourselves on staying within parameters set forth by the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources on all the property we have listed.